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With your patients it's as simple as 1 - 2 - 3:


Out-of-office measurement data provides the ability to classify patients with hidden hypertension types such as masked and white coat hypertension which can prevent under- and overtreatment.


One week prior to the next office visit, patients can use the "Diagnostic" mode of the WatchBP Home to collect measurements for 7 days as prescribed by the ESH/AHA guidelines.


The WatchBP home eliminates most concerns about the quality of the home measurements by being the world's first, clinically-validated home BP measurement device with an implemented schedule that strictly follows ESH and AHA guidelines for self-measurement. In the "Diagnostic" mode, patients perform morning and evening measurements for 7 days, as prescribed. Physicians can read out the data from the device or PC with the added software, at the next visit.

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