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WatchBP Home A with Bluetooth®

WatchBP® Home device equipped with an atrial fibrillation detection system and built-in Bluetooth® wireless technology.

When you are diagnosed with hypertensive and/or having atrial fibrillation the WatchBP Home A(fib) is the best tool to optimize your treatment. When you have atrial fibrillation a physician can decide to prescribe you anti-arrhythmic drugs. These drugs should stop the atrial fibrillation. With the WatchBP Home A you can easily verify the working of these drugs, while at the same time monitoring your blood pressure.

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  • Screening for AFIB with high accuracy (at 97%~100% sensitivity and 89% specificity) while measuring blood pressure. Easy and convenient to use.
  • Embedded ESH/AHA measurement guidelines lead to accurate home measurement data physicians can trust.
  • Automated data tabulation displays averages for morning, evening and overall measurement.

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