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WatchBP Home

WatchBP® Home is a clinically-validated, home blood pressure measurement device that helps patients adhere to guidelines. Comes with connectivity and software.

Many clinical studies showed the importance of home blood pressure measurement in hypertension management. For many physicians, however, the concerns about the quality of the home measurements remain a significant hurdle.

The WatchBP home eliminates most of these concerns by being the world's first, clinically-validated home BP measurement device with an embedded 7-day home measurement mode that strictly follows ESH and AHA guidelines for self-measurement.

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Embedded ESH/AHA measurement schedule for accurate home measurement data.

  • Diagnostic mode - 7-day implemented self-measurement schedule according ESH/AHA guidelines.
  • Usual mode - Stores up to 250 regular measurements and display the average with the push of a button.
  • Automated data tabulation and intuitive display of averages for morning, evening and multi-day measurement data.
  • PC connectivity - Transmits BP measurement data to any PC via USB connectivity.

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