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WatchBP Office

WatchBP® Office is a clinical-validated, guideline based (WHO/ESH/AHA) office blood pressure measurement device.

The WatchBP Office device reduces the time and burden of multiple measurements by automating the measurement procedure and calculating the average blood pressure value. Features like "First Visit™" and "Follow Up" mode perform multiple measurements at one push of the button. In addition, "First Visit" mode provides simultaneous inter-arm measurements for determining inter-arm differences during the first screening as recommended by WHO/ESH/AHA.

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Dual-cuff office blood pressure measurement with built-in auscultatory measurement function.

  • Dual Cuff - Convenient, simultaneous inter-arm measurement for first-visit screening.
  • One Touch Automation - Fully-automated triple measurement with data averaging at the push of a button.
  • First Visit™ Mode - Data from three fully-automated, inter-arm measurements are averaged for first screening BP measurement.
  • Follow Up™ Mode - Data from three automated, single-arm measurements are averaged for accurate follow up measurements.
  • Auscultatory Mode - Semi-automated mode for use with elderly and obese patients and those with arrhythmia or diabetes.

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