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WatchBP® is the world's first strictly guideline-based office and out-of-office blood pressure measurement solution that gives physicians the tool for advanced hypertension diagnosis, treatment, and long-term monitoring. WatchBP is proudly distributed by ManthaMed in Canada.

Office and out-of-office blood pressure monitors

WatchBP does not rely on a single device for all measurements but adapted devices to the specific requirements for each specific form (office, home, 24-h) of blood pressure measurement. These include WatchBP Office and WatchBP Office ABI: clinical blood pressure monitors for use in clinic settings. WatchBP O3 –an ambulatory (24-h) monitor and WatchBP Home – a home monitor with an implemented guideline based self-measurement schedule. ManthaMed is one of Canada's leading distributors for professional monitoring and diagnostic products.


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